The platform SocHeritage is a project conducted by the BACU Association and supported by the ICOMOS ISC20C. It advocates for socialist architecture and art works to be recognized and protected as cultural landmarks and historic monuments. We focus on buildings in the former socialist bloc, built between 1933-1991 in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), as well as in Central Asia and other regions. The platform intends to collect and provide information on location and site, the current condition of conservation, the authors and the planning and building history of socialist legacy.

You can find on the website descriptions, ongoing projects, and initiatives/useful information for conserving valuable landmarks in different countries in the socialist bloc. Some sections include case studies sorted by country, articles, documents, and publications. This is your virtual library where you can find scientific papers, articles by renowned authors and historical studies that can help you to understand the architecture of the socialist period.

Working Group on SocHeritage invites architects, urban planners, historians and art historians or conservationists, artists, activists, and anyone interested in this issue to contribute and to broaden the platform. Send us any information regarding neighborhoods, buildings, monuments, parks and cultural landscapes or any relevant architectural elements – please don’t forget to specify their location and address. All the information will be published on our website under the name of the author.

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